segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

2Pac - "Until The End Of Time" (DGC Special Edition)

O álbum duplo Until The End Of Time em uma nova versão, é só baixar e conferir.


01. Ballad Of A Dead Soulja (add vocs : 6 Feet Deep) (produced by : Johnny J)
02. Let's B Friendz (produced by : QDIII)
03. Lil Homiez (add vocs : Danny Boy & Val Young) (produced by : Johnny J)
04. If U Really Want It (feat. Storm & Val Young) (produced by : LT Hutton)
05. Good Life (feat. Big Syke & E.D.I.) (produced by : Mike Mosley)
06. Letter 2 My Unborn Child (feat. Natasha Walker) (produced by : Johnny J)
07. Breathin (produced by : Johnny J)
08. Happy Home (produced by : Johnny J)
09. All Out (feat. Tha Outlawz) (produced by : Craig "Assassin" Nitty)
10. Fuckin Wit The Wrong Nigga (produced by : Tyrone Wrice)
11. Thug N Me (Remix) (feat. K-ci & JoJo) (remixed by : unknown)
12. Everythin They Owe (produced by : Johnny J)
13. Until The End Of Time (feat. Tyrone Wrice) (produced by : Johnny J)
14. M.O.B. (feat. Thug Life & Tha Outlawz) (produced by : Kurt Kobane)
15. World Wide Mob Figgaz (feat. Outlaw Immortalz) (produced by : Johnny J)

01. My Closet Roaddogz (feat. Big Syke) (produced by : Johnny J)
02. Niggaz Nature (feat. Val Young) (produced by : QDIII)
03. When Thugz Cry (add vocs : Natasha Walker) (produced by : Johnny J)
04. U Don't Have 2 Worry (feat. Tha Outlawz & Storm) (produced by : QDIII)
05. This Ain't Livin (produced by : Johhny J)
06. Why U Turn On Me (produced by : 2Pac)
07. Last Onez Left (feat. Tha Outlawz) (produced by : Johnny J)
08. Thug N Me (feat. Jewell) (produced by : Johnny J)
09. Wordz 2 My First Born (feat. Nutt-So) (produced by : DJ Quik)
10. Runnin On E (feat. Tha Outlawz & Nutt-So) (produced by : 2Pac)

Bonus Track :
11. Reincarnation (feat. Tha Outlawz) (produced by : unknown)
12. If They Love Their Kids (feat. Tha Outlawz) (produced by : unknwown)
13. Untouchables (feat. L.B.C. Crew, Snoop Doggy Dogg & Tha Outlawz) (remixed: unknown)
14. Komradz (feat. Outlaw Immortalz) (produced: unknown)


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